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September-December 2023 Mini Catalog Paper & Ribbon Share

Paper Only Share: $70 (includes shipping) 142 6″x6″ sheets of paper, including 42 6″x6″ of specialty papers

Ribbon Only Share: $35 (includes shipping) 20 yards total; 2.5 yards each of 8 types/colors

Paper & Ribbon Share: $100 (includes shipping) Paper Share + Ribbon Share + FREE Embellishment from the new catalog + 2 EGoodies Stamps

** If you would like to pay via check or another method, please reach out to me directly BEFORE 4 September, as the form only allows payment with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.


PREORDERS DUE before midnight US Central time on 5 September

I will place the order on 6 September

Shares will ship around 18 September (hopefully before)


This is a PREORDER, meaning I do not yet have the product on hand.  This form requires payment by credit or debit card. Note: you will be given a link to a secure payment platform after pressing submit.

If the share is not able to be delivered as described above (meaning a type of paper is out of stock, etc.) I will use my best judgment to replace the item or will send it separately once it is back in stock.  Preorders are refundable only before the preorder deadline date of 5 September.  If you have questions, feel free to reach out via email or phone: or 815.516.7851.

Place your preorder HERE or in the embedded form below!

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